Target Credit Cards

Target Credit Cards

Target Credit Cards – A Complete Insight

Target is the second largest discount store in US with about 1700 Target stores throughout the world. This retail giant, with a red bull’s-eye trademark, holds 36th position in the fortune 500 companies. The RED card introduced by the company is to facilitate and reward its loyal customers. Unlike other store cards, which are generally linked with a bank, REDcard has its own processing system. The bills are directly charged from the customer’s checking account, regardless of which financial institution.

How To Get Your Target Credit Card?
Application forms can be filled in-store or sent by mail. Besides your personal information, a copy of a void check is needed for additional records.

Reasons To Love Your Target Credit Card
You will never have to worry about extra charges as this is a no annual fee card. If you own a REDcard, you don’t have to wait for cash back, for you can immediately receive an impressive discount of 5% on all qualifying products. You also get free shipping when you buy online using your Target credit cards – that too without any minimum purchase requirement.  You don’t only get worldly benefits, but also virtue as 1% of your Target credit card purchases are used for children’s education. Not just this, but when illness becomes a heavy burden on your wallet, you can earn extra 5% discount on every five prescription you fill at Target. And last, but not the least, almost all applicants with a bank account get the card’s approval without any strict considerations.

You can also apply for a credit card other than Target.  Find a retail store credit card or major credit card where you can earn rewards with low interest rates.

The Pitfalls
You should keep in mind that this 5% discount cannot be availed on prescription drugs, medical services, gift cards, and Target Mobile. Although there is no annual fee, but you might have to pay returned payment charges which vary from one state to another. Since REDcard is not affiliated with any technical network, such as MasterCard or Visa, it can only be utilized at Target. If you are signing up for a Target credit card to improve your credit scores, it will be of no good to you, as this does not affect your credit score.
Decide Responsibly!

You might be very excited about getting a credit card, but remember that it comes with great responsibility. Every credit card is not meant to be yours, but yes, if a great chunk of your salary is spent on grocery, this maybe your best pick!

Target has the one of the best return policies!


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