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Kohl’s Credit Card Reviews

Kohl’s Credit Card Reviews – With 1,100 stores across the US, Kohl’s department store is quite popular. Shoppers love the store for good discounts on apparel and fashion items. The store encourages frequent shoppers to take advantage of Kohl’s credit card also called Kohl’s Charge card. The card can be acquired online or in the store. Cardholders are eligible for even more discounts. But is it really the best?

Applying for one

Kohl’s charge card is suitable for people with fair credit rating. This is the third placed rating after Good and Bad. The FICO score applicable for a fair rating is 660-699.

Managing Kohl’s card

  • $0 annual fees
  • 99% APR – This is a bit high if you are carrying over the balance from month to month
  • Up to $60 in late fees


There are very attractive discounts to take up when holding Kohl’s charge card:

  • 15% discount comes with the card
  • 20% discount applies to the first purchase with the card
  • 12 separate discounts apply through the year, being 15%, 20% and 30%
  • Spend $600 in an year and get 18 separate discounts as a Most Valued Customer
  • Combine Kohl’s charge discounts with other sales discounts and special seasonal offers for a massive reduction in prices


  • High APR– The high APR of Kohl’s charge card can quickly negate the discount benefits of the card. This is if you are carrying over significant balance from month to month, and getting late in some payments. The APR is already high at 24.99% compared to other credit cards that range 13-18%. Missing one payment will kick up the APR to 26.99%.
  • No rewards – There is no rewards system specifically for Kohl card holder. All cardholders are eligible for the 12 coupons that run through the year, which are available even to non-cardholders. There is no points system or cash back rewards system.
  • Restricted use – Kohl’s credit card can only be used at Kohl stores. It is not linked to Visa or Mastercard payment systems to enable shopping at other stores or online.

Kohl and Amazon return

Kohl recently announced that they would be selling select Amazon devices like the Echo in 10 stores in Los Angeles and Chicago. This announcement also indicated that Kohl would be handling Amazon returns at 82 stores in the 2 areas.

This means that Kohl Credit card holders can enjoy further benefits of buying products they find on Amazon through Kohl and enjoy double discounts offered by both Amazon and Kohl. This makes this card very attractive for those who love shopping on Amazon.

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