Synchrony Bank Customer Service

Synchrony Bank Customer Service


Credit Card Customer Service

Contact the Synchrony Bank company for any questions about you credit card

  • Do you find it difficult to locate a Synchrony credit card phone number, login, find the address to pay your bill or see your statement?
  • Yes, I have found it difficult to find the locations of credit card customer service information.
  • I began to search many card company website’s and thought all customer service information should be located on one page to make it easy for the credit card holder.

Contact by Phone

Here is the contact phone number for Synchrony Bank credit cards. Call  and speak to customer service to ask a question about your bill, check or  hear your balance by phone. Keep your card handy so you can punch in your responses.







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Formerly GE Capital Bank

Are you trying to contact GE Capital bank? Synchrony bank is formerly known as the GE Capital Retail Bank. Synchrony bank is responsible for many of the retail and store credit cards across the United States. Log-in to your account and check balances and make payments.

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