Comenity Bank Express


Are you looking for the Express clothing store credit card?

With the Comenity Bank Express credit card you are able to take advantage of two credit card options, so you can earn rewards and special financing offers when you shop at the Express Department store.

Issued by Comenity Bank

So you might be wondering who is Comenity Bank? Comenity bank is a well known bank that has been in business for over 30 years. They are the main bank for over 100 credit card programs. So you can feel confident when applying for an Express credit card.

Here is the Comenity Bank Express Credit Card:


Mens and Woman’s Clothing by Express

The Express store is best known for clothing and accessories for young women and men, from everything from business casual attire to going to that surprise party. They have a great niche for style like dress shirts, dress pants, for men and woman. Shop the Express styles with the perfect credit cards to earn rewards and track your business expenses.


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