Clothing Store Credit Cards

Clothing Credit Cards

So your looking for that favorite pair of pants you have to buy for work. Or are your looking for a great Black Friday deal on an ugly Christmas sweater?

If you’re looking for the best price on clothing, the solution would be applying for a clothing store credit card and get an extra 10%-50% off.  Most clothing stores offer a special promotion for signing up for their specific store card so you are eligible to earn points and savings.

Clothing Store Cards

We have put together a list of clothing store cards so you can find them all in one place and not have to search all of the internet.  They are the following:
Old Navy
Banana Republic

If you can’t find what your looking for, then try searching through all the store credit cards on

Clothing Store Application Tips:

When signing up for any credit card at the store, always ask if the application has the latest offers. Sometimes the application has old offers that have expired.  Ask if they can give you a better deal just for signing up. Another good idea is to compare the offers to the online application, they can be different as well. Then ask the store employee to match the offer.

Be sure to check if the store offers multiple cards. Some stores offer more than one card. An example can be if they offer their own personalized card or partner with visa on another card. See which card best fits your situation. If you already earn points from another company then you might just want to stick with the brand card. If you do not have a major card then you might want to try to obtain one if it is your first card you are applying for.

Store Discounts and Offers

You see many deals and coupons available at the store or online. If you want an even more aggressive deal on clothing then you must include a good clothing store credit card to go along with those great deals you found. Especially if you are allowed to combine them. Try on holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, Valentines Day, New Years, One Day Sales, and Cyber Monday.

Some holiday offers now include a higher percentage off just for signing up. This Black Friday, we have seen more and more companies raising their “sign up” bonus to get more business and promote more sales.

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