Citi Credit Card Review

Citi Credit Card Review

citi credit card review

Citi credit card is considered to be one of the best premium products that provide value through its ongoing and introductory features. This type of card can help you earn one point in every $1 spend on your domestic type of spend and one point on every eligible $1 international spend. These are the points which can be redeemed for wide array of rewards through the help of Citi Rewards Program that includes merchandise, travel, frequent points of flyers and cash back.  Make easy credit card payments online.

Apart from earning some additional points, this card can also offer complimentary type of travel insurances as well as purchase protection insurances, a personal exclusive shopping and entertainment offers and concierge services.  This also provides reduced fee annually for about $49 during the first year.

Best Features of Citi Credit Card

Here are the lists of some of the best features of Citi credit card and these include the following:

  • Balance Transfer Limits – This manifest that Citi will completely allow you to transfer 80 percent on your credit limit.
  • Annual Fee – This credit card charges you reduced amount on your annual fee.
  • Purchase Rate – This type of card has standard type of variable at a purchase rate of about 20.99%.
  • Interest-Free Day – This feature puts emphasis to the fact that when you already pay for your remaining balance in full during the due date, you can acquire for almost fifty five percent interest free days on your purchases.
  • Cash Advance Rates – This Citi credit card has also standards rates of cash advance for 21.74%Pa/. Take note that this kind of rate will help you apply the balance transfer amount remaining at the end of your balance transfer periods of introductory.
  • Fraud Protection – You’re assured that Citi credit card makes use of Fraudshield type of technology that helps in monitoring your account against some suspicious activities.

Having these types of features, you’re assured that applying for your own Citi credit card is really worth for you to do.

Benefits of Citi Credit Card

Apart from the high quality features that this Citi credit card offers, you’re also assured that this offers you huge numbers of benefits. To give you an idea on how can it help, then below are the lists of some of the benefits that this Citi credit card offers and they are as follows:

  • Earn Reward Points

This Citi credit card offers some reward points for every international and eligible spend that you’re going to make. This only means to say that whatever you choose in between the two, you could always acquire the best kind of reward points.

  • Protection

You are assured that when you choose to have your own Citi credit card, you will be protected against some suspicious type of frauds.

  • Easy and Simple Application Process

You need not to experience any stress and difficulty at all when you choose Citi target credit card. This is due to the fact that it offers simple and easy application processes for you.

Knowing the benefits that citi credit card offers, you’re given an assurance that this is really worth for you to try. Hence, don’t miss the chance to apply for this credit card today!