instant credit card reviews

Instant Credit Card Review

Best and Worst Instant Credit Card Review

When looking for credit cards, they always talk about the best, isn’t that right? It is always about the features and benefits that you cannot live without and it’s great, but it is even better if you can learn what’s not good, right?

Credit cards have many things to offer and being aware of both sides of the spectrum will help you avoid the sub-par credit cards out in the market. On that note, check out this best and worst instant credit card review to find the perfect credit card for you.

The Best

Capital One Secure Mastercard

The best instant credit card for low deposit would be Capital One Secured Mastercard with its 0% annual fee, flexible deposit requirement and chance of a higher credit line. With this credit card, you can make your deposits in installments and become eligible to higher credit line if you pay your first five payments right on time.

OpenSky Secured Visa

If you are looking for no credit check credit card, the OpenSky Secured Visa is your best choice. Many people like it for its easy approval process, of course the no credit check and the unbanked consumers as well. Since it does not check your credit like most secured cards, people with bad credit can have a chance of qualifying to OpenSky Secured Cards.  

Digital Federal Credit Union Visa

For low interest and fees, “Digital Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum” is among the top picks out of the different credit cards that are secure and safe out in the market. It’s at the top picks because of its no cash advance f fee, no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, low ongoing APR and high credit limit. However, you need to be a Digital Federal Credit Union Member to use this credit card.

The Worst

Continental Finance Mastercard

This credit card takes the worst place for so many reasons. Starting from the up-front $200 finance fee, $50 annual fee, $25 credit line increase fee to the $12/month account fee, using Continental Finance Mastercard does not leave you anything else to spend. With all these fees, this certainly is the worst credit card you can find.

Luxury Card Gold Mastercard

One of the worst credit cards out there is the Luxury Card Gold Mastercard, hitting it in the list because of a number of high costs associated with it. Its annual fee is $995 with an additional cardholder fee of $295 every year. Furthermore, it has 15.24% APR and non-transferrable points that does not really offer anyone any favor.

You may also try a Store Credit Card for a chance to get your first instant credit card