Best Department Store Cards

Best Department Store Cards

You turn 18 and you are now old enough for your first Department Store credit card. This can be a great way to help establish credit and help with future credit applications. Your first credit card can also start you on a path to a healthy credit lifestyle or start you on a rocky road of overbearing and expensive debt. There are some options to be aware of that can make sure that you stay on the sunny side of Credit Street!

First Department Store Credit Card

First, just because you are old enough for your first credit card, don’t assume that you can get one without it making sense for the store. Even if you have a job, the primary reason they will consider it is to sell you merchandise. Make sure that it is something you want and need and offer to pay part in cash if you are having an issue getting approved.

Second, you know you’re not going to read the fine print, so make sure you ask if there are any fees and if there are any charges if you pay off the balance every month. You will be charged a very high interest rate but if you pay the balance owed off every month, or pay off as much as possible, you will minimize the amount you pay for interest and maximize the amount of stuff that you can buy!

Dept. Store Credit Card Review

Remember, just because you’re old enough for your first credit card, doesn’t mean you get to buy big-ticket items like flat screens, tablets or game systems right away. You will probably start with a low dollar credit limit until you prove you are worthy of an increase. It does not take long to do, usually within 6 months. At that time, you could increase your credit limit with your Department Store card or find yourself eligible for general use bank issued credit cards. Make sure you ask the same questions or look for the fee information if you are applying online.

Best Department Store Credit Cards

Getting a wallet full of credit cards isn’t the goal here. You want to get the stuff you want while building and protecting your credit score so that you can have the ability to buy what you want in the future.

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