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When the gas expense is one of your greatest concerns, yet you have to stay on the move; gas credit cards is the ultimate solution. What makes it different from a normal credit card is that it is intended to cut your gas bills. It does not only cut costs, but also give you an opportunity to earn reward point which may be redeemed in form of point, cash back, or even credit.

Many gas companies as well as banks are now offering ‘gas cards’ to facilitate their customers who are terrified by the alarming price hike. This newly emerged market has attracted many American commuters, but to make the most out of it and have truly worry-free journey, one must understand the nitty-gritty of owning a credit card.

1. SpeedWay Speedy Cash
2. Hess Visa Platinum
3. Gulf
4. Luk Oil Copany
5. Exxon Mobil
6. BP
7. Sunuco
8. FuelMan
9. Shell
10. 76

Be Wise!
There are two kinds of gas cards available; one that is issued by a gas company and the other which is affiliated with a credit card company or a bank. The gas station credit cards offer higher rewards and greater benefit at associated gas pumps. So if you are moving on the same route daily and purchasing gas from a particular gas station only, this is the best alternative. However, gas cards which are issued by a bank will get you rewarded no matter from where you get the tank filled.

When choosing a gas card, you must prioritize the benefits which you want. These may include; cash back, no annual fee, free fuel, or discounts. Each company offer different reward systems.

To stay away from trouble, make sure you read all the terms and conditions carefully when applying for the card. It is necessary for you to know how the points and rewards may be redeemed and what are the limitations and policies. Use your card smartly and wisely – and you shall end up saving a lot on your gas bills. The issuing companies usually earn through interest and hidden charges.

Don’t let the interest swallow up your savings. Don’t be too excited about paying your bill in smaller installments. It is the critical mistake if you don’t remember your card cycles and due date. Make your gas card experience terrific by paying your before the due date and enjoy savings up to 2% to 5%.

If you have a gas credit card, you can always stay on the move to catch up with the speed of life!
Happy driving!

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