Macys Card Member Rewards Credit Card and Earn Points

Macys Card Member Rewards Credit Card and Earn Points

Macys Card Member Rewards Credit Card

Macy’s would offer the customers with two options of credit cards and they are the Macy’s American Express Card and Macy’s Credit Card. The latter one could be used only at any Macy’s Backstage, Macy’s or online. But it could be used at any of the Bloomingdale’s branded stores. And the former one could be used anywhere American Express is being accepted.

Customers could apply for the Macy’s Credit Card in person at a store or online.  You must give your personal information that is requested on the application. And those applicants who want the Macy’s American Express Card could only apply in-store.

What are the rewards and benefits of Macy’s cards to members?

Macy’s would have three different levels of benefits for the card members based on the amount of money being spent every year. And these levels are the following:

The Preferred Level

The Preferred level would require those card members to spend at least $1 and $499 every year. Those Preferred members would receive Star Pass mailings twice a year. Thanks for Sharing rewards and surprise savings will be given at the register.

Star Pass mailings would allow the card members to get savings on regular or sale-priced items. Thanks for Sharing rewards program would give the cardholders a 10% rewards on most of their purchases and also more points during the bonus days.

The Elite Level

The next level would be referred as the Elite wherein $500 to $1,199 should be spent within a year. It will offer the same benefits as the Preferred Level.  However, instead of having the Three Star Pass mailings it would give six every year.  It would also add one more bonus event in Thanks for Sharing and also a special treat for the card member’s birthday.

The Premier Elite Level

The highest level would require the card members to spend at least over $1,200 every year. This level would give the member 12 Star Passes a year, a birthday offer and also two more Thanks for Sharing bonuses. It would also allow the members to get the free shipping offers intended for online shopping four times within a year and also a priority customer service number.

During approval and credit inquiry, applicants of this Macy’s credit card will be entitled to save up to 20% on those purchases within the same day and the next of up to almost $100 in total.

If you are a card holder of the Macy’s American Express Card you get even more benefits. The above spending levels would entitle the users to numbers of special offers from both the Macy’s and also this American Express. It would also give the users at least twice the Plenti points once used at supermarkets or gas stations. But the Premier Elite members are the ones only entitled with additional exclusive travel benefits providing travel offers on hotels, cruises and more.

Login To Your Account

You can also login to your Macy’s account and make payments, or view your balance and purchases or contact customer service.