Department Store Credit Cards

Easy to Get Department Store Credit Cards

Easy to Get Department Store Credit Cards

If you have no or poor credit history and are looking to build positive credit score, the easy-to-get department store credit cards are of JC Penney, Belk, Walmart, Sears and Von Maur.

JC Penney jcpenneycard

If you are up to date about stock and business news, you would know very well that JCPenney has been in some trouble for the last few years. In short, they are losing customers at an alarming rate. Therefore, JCPenney is trying every trick to attract and retain customers. One of these tricks includes having flexible requirements for their JC Penney store credit card. JCPenney is known to give credit limits as low as $150.


This is one of the easiest department store credit cards to get if you have a bad credit history. Walmart offers two credit cards: one is limited for in-store use while the other is co-branded with Discover, so it can be use at any place that accepts Discover cards for payment. The latter might be slightly harder to get but the in-store card can be approved for even without any credit history. Apply for a Walmart Store Credit Card


This large department store is faced with the similar dilemma as JCPenney; their customer base is thinning. This gives them less or no leverage to be picky about their credit card approval policy. What makes Sears department store credit cards easy-to-get is the low credit score limit. People with a credit of 500 can easily get approved. Even if you have no credit history at all, Sears would be willing to take a risk on you. Apply for a Sears Credit Card

Von Maur vonmour

If you are from the Midwest, Von Maur is a good option for credit card. Unlike other departmental stores and retail chains, Von Maur issues and manages its own credit cards, so there is a chance that their credit card approval requirements will be more relaxed.

Another reason that makes Von Maur department store credit cards easy to get is that they don’t charge interest. However, the minimum payment due everything month is much higher than a standard credit card.

Belk belk

Getting approved for Belk store credit is not very difficult. They store does not have excessively high credit score requirements, so if you have an average credit history, you have a good chance of qualifying for the store’s credit card. For this reason, Belk’s credit card is good for those who want to build or strengthen a credit score.

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