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vision-worksVisionworks is America’s leading eye care center. Visit us for quality designer eyeglass frames, contact lenses, and prescription sunglasses for the whole family.

Visionworks is committed to providing customers with an excellent shopping experience and high quality products and services with the best value and selection in the industry. All of their stores offer designer and exclusive brand frames, lenses, sunglasses and accessories along with leading technology in vision correction.

Centralized in-store lab support
Many eyeglasses can be made in an hour within our in-store processing labs. However, some prescriptions or specialty lenses require processing which exceed the capabilities of our in-store labs and are sent to our central lab.
We have two centralized labs and distribution centers located in San Antonio, Texas. They each use robotics & other state-of-the-art optical-processing equipment to fill the needs of our stores when the lens requirements or product exceed the capabilities of in- store lab processing.
Providing store locations with superior lab support is a primary goal for our centralized lab. We are committed to providing superior customer service to all locations. All jobs processed through the Central lab are closely tracked and properly tagged to ensure optimum delivery service.
Producing eyewear in our stores and utilizing our lab network ensures that we control cost and quality which translates into value for the customer.

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