Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards

Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards – When you sign up for Kohl’s Yes2You rewards you have the ability to earn points for all your purchases the store or online.

You will earn points whenever you shop!

  • Get 1 point for ever $1 spent
  • Points have 48 hours to appear for an in-store purchase.
  • if ordering online your points will appear on your shipping date.

As you spend money at Kohl’s, your point balance will become rewards each month.

For every 100 points you will earn a $5.00 cash reward.  Always remember to use your rewards cash points before 30 days they expire.

If you have questions about your points, balance or rewards you can contact Kohl’s customer service at 855-564-5751 or live chat.

Yes2You Rewards

Yes2You Rewards program is all about the customer. This program allows you to pay any way you want and when and where you want.

  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent (no matter how you pay!).
  • Get a $5 reward for every 100 points.
  • Receive eight savings offers every year, guaranteed.
  • Receive a special birthday gift from us!
  • Opportunities to earn bonus points.
  • Share points with family, friends or charitable causes through Kohl’s Cares.
  • We’ll even have some surprises for you along the way.

Apply for a Kohl’s Credit Card. 

Kohl’s Store Logins

Technology has made checking our credit card information very easy. Although sometimes we misplace or forget our id and passwords. So we decided to add the Kohls forget your password login, create a new account, and confirm your card is received.

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You can also apply for a credit card other than Kohls. Find a retail store credit card or major credit card where you can earn rewards with low interest rates.