About JCPenney Department Store Credit Card

About JCPenney Department Store Credit Card

jcpenneycardJC Penney Store Credit Card
Brief History 
J.C. Penney Company, Inc. is a large retail chain of American mid-range department stores About JC Penney Store Credit Cardsoperating in over 1000 locations. It has stores in every US state and Puerto Rico, except Hawaii. The retail chain has headquarters in Plano, Texas with big-box store in uptown shopping malls.
The JC Penney store credit card is operated by GE Money Bank. It is fairly easy to get approved for a JC Penney credit card. If you can manage you expenses wisely, it can be a useful credit card to build or rebuild a positive credit score by making prompt monthly payments. The credit card can be used in all JC Penney locations including its outlet stores. The card can also be used for online purchase or catalogue shopping.
  • Can be used in retail store as well as online
  • Can be used at CVS and Eckerd Pharmacies
  • JC Penney has a store in most malls
  • Quick to apply
  • Feasible monthly payment procedure
  • Good customer service
  • Great discount incentives
  • No annual fee
  • High interest rate
  • Limited usability
  • Lack of usage fee
JC Penney Loyalty Rewards
With the JC Penney store credit card:
  • 1.25 point/dollar on purchases
  • 250 points = $10 reward certificate i.e. a 5% return on spending
Without the JC Penney store credit card:
  • 1 point/dollar on purchases
  • 250 points = $10 reward certificate i.e. a 4% return on spending
From the comparison above, you can deduce that the rewards earned with a JC Penney store credit card are not very different from those earned without the credit card. Also there is no difference in points earned between JC Penney gold status and platinum status.

JC Penney Credit Card Fees

Finance charges on the credit card as high as 21% annually. Although there is no annual fee, JC Penney will charge a late fee if payments are not made on time. In case of delayed payments, there is also a chance of your credit limit being reduced.

JC Penney Credit Card Customer Service

JC Penney offers continuous online and over-the-phone customer service for its credit card customers. At http://www.jcpenney.com/, you can view your account and recent activity, make payments, and ask questions. The over-the-phone support line at 800-527-4403 is also available 7 days a week with different timings on weekends.

Should You Still Have One?

For most people, the idea of having a JC Penney store credit card is beneficial because of the higher incentives and no annual fee. The credit card is a good option with no credit or bad credit to build up positive credit score.


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