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With over 7,000 stores, GNC is perhaps the world’s most famous specialty producer of health and wellness products. GNC LiveWell offers a wide range of nutritional supplements including; essential vitamins, beauty, natural and herbal remedies, and weight loss products. For health conscious readers, it also publishes several health and fitness magazines and books informing them about the latest developments and innovations in this medical and health sciences. The company is also listed in The New York Stock Exchange under the name of “GNC”.

Distribution Network
Its multi-channel distribution network consists of company-operated retail GNC stores, local and international franchises, e-commerce partners, and distribution centers –and other party retailers. Online orders can be placed 24/7 on the official website of the company.

Quality Assurance
Setting new standards in the nutritional industry, GNC ensures highest quality principles, which gives it an edge over its competitors. To fulfill the commitment of Live Well, the company stresses on the need for factual labeling, safety of ingredients used, and effectiveness of the formula. For quality assurance, the company vigorously keeps a check on hygiene requirements, and the manufacturing and packaging processes.

Continuous Research and Development
GNC spends millions of dollars every year in search of better health solution to meet the promised claim of helping its customers live a healthier life. Its cutting-edge scientific formulas are carefully formulated to provide necessary nutritions needed for a healthy mind and body.

Membership Card
GNC stores have their own club membership card which offers smart discounts and valuable saving on qualifying products.

GNC Medical Advisory Board
Another LiveWell initiative by GNC is their special panel of doctors who constantly assist and support the customers by sharing their valuable experiences and useful information. These dedicated health professionals are a trusted source of personal advice and guidance. Customers are welcome to ask questions regarding their health problems.

GNC Brands
From beauty products to bodybuilding supplements, GNC’s vast product mix of scientifically engineered products has something for everyone. Some of the well known premium brands that come under the umbrella of GNC are, Pro Performance®, Total Lean TM, Beyond Raw®, Mega Men®, Pro Performance®, and Ultra Mega®.

Ask A Doctor
Before starting any supplement, it is suggested that you consult a doctor so that you chose a product that best fits your needs. To avoid any side effects, one should get an allergy test to identify the ingredients maybe harmful for your body. The labels on the container clearly state all the ingredients which are used in the product.


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