Bombay Company and Bombays Gift Card

Bombay Company and Bombays Gift Card

Furnish Your Home with Items from Bombay Company 


Your home is safe haven, a place where you relax, entertain, pursue hobbie and sit down and relax at the end of the day.  You should be able to buy and decorate your home with high quality furniture and accessories for your home.

All the furniture at Bombay Company is designed to withstand many years of every day use.  Caring properly for most furniture and fabric is easy.

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Bombay started as a mail order Company out of New Orleans in 1978. For the 40 years that followed, the brand grew to be a much-loved purveyor of furnishings and gifts. Our specialty brand is perceived as a world-inspired luxury brand that offers premium quality home furnishings with value prices.

To customers, Bombay is a well-traveled curator, bringing home discoveries that blend new with old, and traditional with the exotic. Buyers search the globe, always delivering on the promise of an unexpected treasure waiting to be found.

Bombay Company’s classic style, unexpected detail and global inspiration can be found at many well known and convenient retail outlets across America (add link to retailer listing tab). Our retail partners are your guides in bringing you Bombay Company quality goods that are authentic and relevant for today’s lifestyles. We are excited to be constantly finding and creating new products, and, to continue our journey together. Like you, we know–there’s no place like home.

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