Bloomingdale’s Gift Cards & Information

Bloomingdale’s Gift Cards & Information

How can I check the balance of my Gift Card online?

Follow the steps to view your Gift Card balance online and apply at checkout:

On the Payment page, select “Add A Card” from the Payment Method field.
Enter your Gift Card number as it appears on the back of your card.
You may need to remove the tab on the back of the card to reveal the last 3 or 4 digits.
Enter the security image provided.
Click on “Add Card”.
The Gift Card balance is shown on the right hand side under order summary.
Please note: if you have a Gift Card that displays a number with fewer than 18 digits, please call Customer Service (1-800-511-2752) to check the card’s balance.

Check Gift Card Balance

Can I use my Gift Card/E-Gift Card at Bloomingdale’s stores and online?  Bloomingdale's-Gift-Cards-&-Information
Yes, Gift Cards and E-Gift cards can be used online and in any Bloomingdale’s store. To use your Gift Cards or E-Gift Cards online, enter your Gift Card or E-Gift Card number at checkout on the Payment & Billing page.

Bloomingdale’s E-Gift Card Terms & Conditions
Your E-Gift Card number may be used to purchase any merchandise on-line at, or in-store (USA stores only) by printing and presenting the entire E-Gift Card Email. You may not add value back onto this E-Gift Card, nor redeem it for cash or apply it as payment or credit to your credit card account.

When you make a purchase with your E-Gift Card number, the value of your purchase plus any shipping/handling fees and sales tax, if applicable, will be automatically deducted from your ‘open to buy’.

You may check any remaining value by calling customer service or in-store by scanning the bar code at a price checker terminal.

Please safeguard your E-Gift Card number. The bearer is responsible for its loss or theft. If your E-Gift Card is lost or stolen, and you have proof of purchase, we will issue you a replacement for the balance shown on our records.

Bloomingdales Credit Card Login

If you would like to check your account balance, or make a credit card payment you can login into your account and do so online.

Bloomingdales Credit Card Questions

  • Do you find it difficult to locate a credit card phone number, login, find the address to pay your bill or see your statement? Contact customer service.

Apply for Credit

You can also apply for a credit card other than Bloomingdales.  Find a retail store credit card or major credit card where you can earn rewards or receive low interest rates.


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