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Bath & Body Works

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Bath & Body Works supply a wide array of fragrances for everyone. From Body Lotion, Body Cream, Hand Cream, Foot Cream there are many to choose from.

Home and Candles are available in a variety of colors, fragrances and more. 3-Wick Candles, Small Candles, Mini Candles, Mason Jar Candles, Candle Holders and more.  Wallflowers is a very popular item and fragrance plugs and bulbs.  Home Fragrance Oils and oil warmers, room sprays & mists for your home are other options for your home.

So many difference smells and products for the bath and shower.  Body wash and shower gells, scrubs, bubble baths, bar soaps, accessories,  and mens body care now available.

Soaps and sanitizers, Spa and skin products for all skin types.

Any product from Bath & Body works is a terrific gift for anyone.  Especially gift cards make the perfect gift so they can choose exactly what they want to buy.

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